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Hypertherm 059625 Powermax105 SYNC Hand Cutting System 25ft
1.5" (38 mm) Maximum capacity, 200-600 V, 3-PH (with out CPC Port)
Powermax 85 Hand System
Powermax85 SYNC system, 200-600V 1/3-PH, CSA, 75 degree handheld torch, 7.6m (25') lead
Powermax65 SYNC Hand System 25ft
Tackle a wide range of jobs with easily interchangeable torch styles and application specific cartridges for various types of cutting and gouging. Optimized cartridge consumable design provides up to twice the life for hand cutting and improved quality over life in mechanized setups compared to standard consumables. Time-saving handheld torch controls allow the operator to adjust the amperage on the fly, change cartridges and applications without returning to the power supply.
Hypertherm 059719 SmartSYNC Machine torch 180 degree 7.6m (25') lead
Hypertherm 059726 SmartSYNC handheld torch 75 degree 7.6m (25') lead
Hypertherm 128652 remote start pendant 75'
Hypertherm 128651 remote start pendant 50'
Hypertherm 128650 remote start pendant 25'
Hypertherm 851468 Essential Powermax85 HandHeld Consumable Kit
Hypertherm Essential Consumable Kit for Powermax85 Hand Torch
Hypertherm 127102 Circle Cutting Guide Basic Package
Circle Cutting Guide Basic Package 127102
Cartridge Adapter 428951 Duramax Hand or Mechanized Torches
Tillman Lightweight Mig Glove