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Cartridge 428895 Ohmic Ring (3/pk)
Cartridge 428895 Ohmic Ring (3/pk)

Cartridge 428895 Ohmic Ring (3/pk)

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Part Number:428895
The ohmic contact ring clips onto the mechanized cartridge, and connects it via electrical wire to torch height controls (THCs) that support the use of ohmic contact to find the surface of the workpiece before each cut. 
'Ohmic contact' refers to the electrical connection made between the torch and the workpiece when the torch touches the workpiece during initial height sensing.
Exceeding optimal thickness range can result in decreases in speed and cut quality. To maximize cartridge life and performance select the correct amperage cartridge for the workpiece you are cutting.

Compatible with:
SmartSYNC™ torches for the Powermax65/85/105 SYNC™ systems 
Duramax® torches using a torch adapter (428951) for Powermax45® XP/65/85/105 systems.