Trade in Savings on new Powermax systems and Duramax torches

Hypertherm offers a credit for trade-ins of plasma systems and torches. 
Program qualifications: 
  • To qualify for a system trade-in credit, the purchase must be a Powermax30 XP, Powermax30 AIR, 45XP, 65, 85, 105 or 125. ?
  • To qualify for a torch trade-in, the purchase must be for an RT80 retrofit torch, or a Duramax MRT, HRT or HRTs.


Trade-in credit

Powermax system or retrofit torch purchased

Discount amount

 Powermax30 XP


 Powermax30 AIR












 RT80 torch

 $  80.00

 Duramax MRT torch (machine)

 $  85.00

 Duramax HRT torch (hand)

 $  85.00

 Duramax HRTs torch (15° hand)

 $  85.00