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Plasma Cutting Myths- True or False?

Posted by on 2/6/2012

Some people believe that plasma systems are too expensive or too hard to learn. This article exposes the truth behind those myths and four other misconceptions to show why today's plasma systems are essential productivity-enhancing tools.

Article by Reese Madden

Cutting & Weld Preparation

Posted by on 1/10/2012
The Many Faces of Plasma Cutting
Manual VS. Mechanized Systems

Successful Plasma Cutting Counts On Consumables

Posted by on 9/29/2011 to Hypermax Plasma Cutting Blog
Clayton Gould, product marketing manager of torch consumables at Hypertherm, Hanover, N.H., discusses the five hand-held plasma consumable components, how they work with one another to achieve a successful cut, and what operators should look for when evaluating whether consumables require replacing.

Which Cutting Method Is Right For You?

Posted by on 7/20/2011 to Hypermax Plasma Cutting Blog
Plasma, Oxyfuel and Laser
By Kat McQuade

Illustrated Guide to Plasma Gases

Posted by on 7/12/2011 to Hypermax Plasma Cutting Blog
Illustrated Guide to Plasma Gas Selection 
How to Choose the Best Gases By Dave Cook
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