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Hypermax is now offering our customers the option to lease their machines or equipment. There are many advantages to leasing your plasma cutting equipment and with our new leasing integration, financing is readily available and the purchase of new equipment is made much easier.

Here's how it works: 

1) Interested in leasing? To calculate your payments, and apply for leasing, please fill out the Finance ApplicationYou will be promptly contacted about your payment terms and financing options.

2) To place your order, complete your checkout by selecting "Leasing Option" when prompted for payment.

3) Your equipment will be sent to you directly by Hypermax! At the end of your lease term, you may purchase your equipment for a $1.00 buyout. 

Conserve cash flow. With leasing, you need only a minimal initial investment to acquire the equipment you need. The payments can be conveniently spread over several months allowing you to preserve working capital for the operation and growth of your business. 

Leasing increases purchasing power. Your needs may be for a $5,000 machine but your available cash/credit only allows for $3,000, hence you settle for a smaller piece of machinery that only meets your needs half-way.  We can increase your purchasing power by allowing you to finance the needed equipment for the job.  That way you get the equipment you need to meet demand and promote growth. With financing, when your term is over, you have the option to purchase your equipment, trade it in for new equipment or return it outright.

Leasing balances usage and cost. Leasing makes sense when the equipment you use creates a return that exceeds its cost.  In other words, leasing allows you to set a fixed monthly payment for the use of equipment that creates an anticipated return exceeding that payment.  That way you are certain that your operation is profitable and the equipment serves its purpose

Leasing is convenient. Unlike dealing with bank loans and other alternative types of financing, leasing is an easy and convenient process.  Typically, all we require is a one-page application for any request on machinery.

No down payment required. Unlike some loan programs, you can finance 100% of your equipment, and include additional costs such as software, shipping, installation, maintenance and training into your total financing package.